Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Olive Autumn

Olive Green is one of the most under appreciated suit colors but in my opinion it is one of the best for autumn. It's dark enough to not standout too much but will still differentiate you from the black, blue, and grey suited lemmings. Also, 99% of the time you'll be the only guy in the room in a green suit. 

One awesome thing about olive or dark green is that it tends to go with just about anything.  Dark blue might be the only color that might not go with it but every other color is fair game. I am particularity fond of purple with this suit, which by the way I found at the Goodwill for $20!  

Since it's October, I wore these subtly  Halloweeny socks.  I figure that funky socks is the only thing that can bring attention away from my mustache. LOL!

I hope that this green suit will inspire you to step outside the box and try wearing a suit of a different color other than blue and grey; because hopefully you already know that you shouldn't be wearing black suits to work...

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Fall into Autumn

Fall or Autumn is the favorite season of many fashionheads. It's a time for tweeds, darker plaids, and coats and jackets. It's the season made for sport coats, and below is one of my newest ones.  Believe it or not, I bought this one at the Goodwill for $6. It's a loud, GTH jacket but the colors are 100% fall. Paired with a pair of brown pants that are part of a thrift store suit, a light blue shirt, and a burnt orange/red knit tie; you can't get much more seasonal than this.  Even though spring and summer are over doesn't mean that you can't wear fun or colorful clothing, you just need to change the colors up a little bit.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Sunday Funday

I know that I blend into the couch on this post, but I just wanted asto show that you don't have to dress like a bum just because it's the weekend. This is just a simple button-up polka dot shirt with red chinos. Both of which cost under $10, the shirt from Goodwill and the pants from JC Penney. The kicks are from Cole Haan and the suede and regular leather contrast along with the red stitching really make these pop. Not too outlandish, but they stand out.
A style secret; you can never go wrong with red white and blue as long as it's done tastefully and doesn't scream Star Spangled Banner.
Just remember, if more people wore colored pants there would be less wars!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


That strange time in between seasons is one of the hardest times to dress for.  The secret is to wear pieces of clothing that have the best of both sessions.  This coat is a heavier weight than most summer wear but the colors are bright which lends itself well to the end of summer.  Blue, even light blue, is prefect for all seasons. I got this jacket on eBay for $20, and these pants cost me $15 from the Polo outlet store. 
The secret to the tweason, is to mix and match summery and fallish clothes. Just enough bulk to keep you warm but light and colorful enough to keep you from sweating your butt off. But the rule to always live by is to love what you wear

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Never Forget

Today is the 13th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks. It is now known as Patriot Day. In honor of those who died and to give a big middle finger to the terrorist that wish us harm, I decided to wear red white and blue today but do it in a classy way. 

The easiest way to wear red white and blue is with a plain khaki suit. Due to my outrageous wardrobe and the fact that I worked for the House of Representatives, I have ALOT of red white and blue clothes.   I wanted more than just a patriotic tie, so I decided to wear this awesome red, white and blue gingham check shirt.  I got this shirt from a site called Saville Row, a nod to the famous street in London know for its suit makers. At $45, it cost more than i would typically pay now days. As much as I love it, like an idiot I bought it with French cuffs, and I now really hate French cuffs. I really hate the name and I feel that it looks pretentious and Douchy.  I usually roll the sleeves up but when I do wear them long, I don't "kiss" them I use a simple cuff link and use it just like a regular button.  
Since the shirt is loud, I went with a simple red knit tie and a white pocket square with red trim.  But I did go hard with my shoes and socks. As you know I love socks and shoes. These socks came from Marshall's and are by Happy feet. These shoes are Cole Haan and you can't tell by the photo but they are white with a blue saddle and a red tongue and red on the back. They are the shoes that started my Cole Haan Air Colton obsession, so I both love and hate them...
The only time that I typically wear lapel pins other than a real or knit flower is on a holiday  and usually a patriotic one.  I felt that this simple stars and stripes ribbon was subtle, classy, and got the point across. 

Thanks for reading. Stand up, be proud, don't be afraid, and never forget!

Gingham, the All Seasons Pattern

Not all patterns are created equal and in my opinion gingham is one of the very best. Gingham is a uniform check pattern, typically white with one or more other colors that form small squares.   It is currently having a moment in the sun due to a new shirt that JCrew came out with, but do not be afraid of it just because the sloppy, poorly dressed masses have temporarily taken to it. It is still an amazing classic pattern that can be worn to any occasion in any season.
I found this Orvis blazer at the Goodwill for $7.  To keep it true to it's classic preppy roots, I paired it with a simple white Oxford shirt, a red and navy rep stripe bow tie that came from Marshall's for $10 and a pair of tassle loafers by Mark McNairy.  The picture doesn't quite capture it but the loafers are pebble grain leather, which means it has smalls bumps all over it, alike it has goosebumps.  Small subtle details that like is what really brings a person's style out of the minor league and into the majors.  
To spruce up the outfit and make it my own, I went with this vintage silk handkerchief that I "borrowed" from my brother.  I also went with some outlandish red polka dot socks that I got for $3 from Marshall's. 

While I really like this outfit, the best thing in this post was the meal.  Narita's is a sushi place in chester that I've featured in my other blog,  The Gastrological Gentleman.  Its head sushi chef, seen right behind me, is an old friend of mine and he makes a damn good sushi roll.  The food is amazing and the prices are crazy cheap and all rolls are $1 off on Tuesdays. I strongly recommend trying this place out, it's by far the best in the tri-city area.