Friday, February 14, 2014

A Valentine's Day Affair

Hot Pink Sports Coat- $6.99 from Goodwill    Tie- $10 by Vera Bradley

Just because Valentine's Day is in the middle of Winter does not mean that you have to dress as cold and dreary as the weather.  It is a day of love and warmth, so I decided to express those feelings in my outfit. 
I was lucky enough to find this hot pink blazer at a Goodwill store, in my size for $6.99.  I could have easily paired it with a black tie but I decided to throw on this bright pink, red, and orange Vera Bradley Tie that I found on Ebay for about $10.  Paired together with a simple white shirt and black pants, this outfit screams Valentine's Day without looking overly tacky. It also put a smile on everyone's face that I saw today and really that's what dressing festively is all about !

Earthy Tones

A lot of guys stick to black, blue and grey; but to me earthy colors, like brown, tan, and green, are a lot richer and warmer. While these are not your typical "work colors", they can easily fit into any place of business while allowing you to stand out from the crowd.
I really used to hate knit ties but after I tried one on I feel in love.  In a solid color they can go with any outfit but add texture and character that you don't get with a typical silk tie.  I am also a firm believer in tie bars; if you are wearing a tie, you should be wearing a tie bar (unless you are wearing a sweater or vest).  I really like colored tie bars but I hate paying for them. I go to antique stores and buy plain, simple ones for just a buck or two and then spray paint them the color that I want and then give them a couple coats of clear paint to protect them from chipping.
Brown Knit Tie- Free from Co-worker        Blue Tie Bar- $1 DIY

Brown and Cream Gingham Sport coat- Stafford $50 from JC Penny's

Berry Suede Air Colton- $60 from Cole Haan