Thursday, March 20, 2014

America F@#$ YEAH!


First day of Spring and like any other red blooded American I am grilling red meat outdoors, wearing red, white, and blue with a handlebar mustache.  Unlike many other's though I am rocking a bow tie and striped socks! Why because this is America and I have the freedom to do what I want!!!

Girls On Film





I figured that it was about time to feature my beautiful wife on my blog.  At her old job, as an archeologist, she wore jeans and t-shirts because she was always out digging in the dirt.  She took a new job in October and now has to dress up for work.  Recently she has been stepping outside of her comfort zone and taking more fashion risks and I believe that they are working well.  Not only is she smart, funny, and beautiful he is also a vey snazzy dresser, talk about a quadruple threat!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Brown; the New Addition to the Business Dress Code

Brown Suit ($19.99) from Goodwill


Pink Bangle Stripe Shirt by Daniel Cremeux   Green and Pink Plaid Bowtie ($15) from  
Pocket Square ($8 on Ebay)by Vera Bradley


As I hope you know by now. Black suits should only be worn at funerals or if you're a waiter or limo driver. Black suits have no place in the corporate/business world.  I know a lot of guys wear them but that does not make it right.  For years, blue and grey suits have been part of the business dress code but a new suit is making in ways into the closets of business professionals and that suit brown.  Just like blue and grey, brown goes with everything and can be worn in every occasion.  It goes with any skin color and can be worn in any season.   A brown suit says to everyone "I own more than 2 suits."

As I mentioned before, I am trying to mix different patterns and this outfit shows that  if done correctly and tastefully you can pair just about any two patterns together and in this case three. Just remember, pocket squares and colorful patterned socks are made for showing off and being fun so let them do whatever they damn well please!

She liked it, so she put a ring on it

Rosewood wedding ring with turquois inlay  (priceless)
Hot Pink and Gold watch by Michael Kors (Too much!)

Blue Suit from Goodwill ($19.99)
 Burgundy captoe brogue oxfords "Strand" by Allen Edmonds ($45 on Ebay)

Blue Floral Tie from Goodwill ($2)   White and Pink Patterned shirt by American Living ($10) 
White Pocket Square with Blue Edging from ($8)

 Out of everything I own, I love my wedding band the most. It not only shows my love and dedication to my wife but it also looks FREAKING SWEET (in my opinion).  As you can imagine, I could not go with a standard wedding band.  A friend showed my a similar ring that was actually metal with wood and turquois inlay but I decided on going all wood and fell in love with this one made of rosewood with turquois. It did cost more than most wedding bands but I am going to wear it everyday for the rest of my life so I felt that it was well worth the cost. It was actually custom made by a company on ETSY.

I have been looking for this hot pink and gold Michael Kors watch  for quite some time and had to get it once I finally found it for sale.  It certainly is a show stopper.

I prefer bowties but there is something to be said for a nice cotton floral tie and this one is my absolute favorite. I like it even better because I got it for $2 from the Goodwill.

Recently I've been trying to branch out and mix and match patterns and I feel that I've been having some pretty good luck with it.  The trick is having varying sizes and designs with colors that compliment each other. This shirt has small pink and blue interlocking squares and the tie has a large floral pattern that has pink in the flowers.  While it doesn't always work, mixing patterns can really separate the "men from the boys."