Friday, October 4, 2013

October 2nd- Go To Hell Pants

Plaid pants - by Stafford Prep at JC Pennys $10 on sale   Blue tassle loafers by Footjoy $30 on Ebay
Blue Blazer $6.99 from Goodwill

Red Knit Tie $2 at Goodwill  Red Pocket Square with Blue Trim $8 from The Tie Bar

Everyone needs at least one or two pairs of loud, garrish Go To Hell pants.  Plaid, tartan, and madras work very well so do bright colors and pants with embroidered critters. Really anything that screams "I like these pants and I don't give a damn if you do!"  will work.

For those of you how have never heard of GTH pants here is a brief history.

As you can imagine, these pants were not made for the workplace and they should be paired with a plain shirt, tie and jacket. Other than that, wear your GTH pants with pride and let everyone know that you play your own rules. Check  here for other tips and advice on how to rock your Go To Hell pants with a Devil may care attitude.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

September 30th- Thrift Store Find

Blue Pin Stripe Brooks Brothers suit $23.99 from Goodwill (retail $800)

Bow Tie Handmade by Co-worker   Diamond stick pin (gift)   White Pocket Square with Grey Trim $8 at The Tie Bar

Blue and White Stripe Socks by Happy Socks $6   Allen Edmond Strand Cap Toe Oxfords on Ebay

        As many of you already know, I love thrift stores and especially the Goodwill. Much of my wardrobe has come from thrift stores and all of my best pieces of clothing have been found at the Goodwill. But I do believe that this suit takes the cake.
         Believe it or not, but I had been wanting a blue suit with thick white pin stripes for some time and just this week I happened upon one at the Goodwill. And this is not just any blue suit with white pin stripes; it is a 44R Brooks Brothers Fitzgerald blue suit with white pin stripes which retails for $800 and I got it for $23.99. This suit is gorgeous and feels amazing, you can definitely tell the difference between a nice suit and a crappy suit.

         I tend to use a lot of color in my wardrobe but I decided to pair this suit with grey accessories to make the outfit look more refined.  I am also a big proponent of brown shoes with blue suits. I think that it makes both the shoe and the suit standout more than black shoes do. While many traditionalists scoff at brown shoes, I actually find brown dress shoes to be classier and more versatile than black dress shoes because they can come in some many different shades and can be worn with anything other than a black suit.